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I’ve used erectile dysfunction pills for years, and never had any problem. Suddenly, my insurance stopped paying for ‘em. I had to look for an alternative, and that’s when I came across TenGenix. The science behind it was really promising, so I bought a bottle to try it out. From the first dose, I knew that it was way more intense than the pills that I used to take. Unlike ED pills that just give you erections, TenGenix gives a massive boost in sex drive and endurance as well. Plus, it doesn’t cost as much. A must-try for anyone who is still using ED pills. TenGenix is the real deal!

Pat Miller - Orlando, FL

Want to get bigger? Get TenGenix. I’ve tried all sorts of penis enlargement gimmicks, and this was the only one that worked. Take it from me. Don’t waste your time buying sawdust from other brands. TenGenix is just too good, it will be known worldwide. You read it first here.

DeAndre Johnson - Brooklyn, NY

My boyfriend and I decided to spice up our sex life by using lubes and sex enhancement pills. I got the lube and toys, he got TenGenix. Pretty kinky, right? The only problem is, I’m a petite part-Asian, and there’s just a finite amount of penis that girls like me can take. He’s pretty well-endowed at 6-inches, and I’m satisfied with that. But with TenGenix, he grew to 7 inches, and now it’s even thicker! If I wasn’t so wet and horny every time I see his big penis, we wouldn’t be able to fit it in. TenGenix brought out the nasties in us and we love it. Thanks, boys!

Jenny Cho - Los Angeles, CA

It’s crazy how much I am into male enhancement. I tried everything, and some of ‘em work nicely as aphrodisiacs. I’ve never really bought into the idea that pills can make men bigger downstairs, so I never pay any attention to that. For me, I was happy with a little kick in my sex drive – but that was before I got my hands on TenGenix. After TenGenix, it was just a whole different ballgame. My sex drive went into overdrive and my penis actually grew! Imagine that! From 6 inches, I’m now 7 inches thanks to TenGenix! Now, I’m even pumped up every time I see a woman stare in amazement at my big penis. TenGenix is for real!

Marcus Brady - Seattle, WA

My genes doomed me to have a small penis. At just 3.5 inches when erect, it’s hardly something that would get me a second date. My confidence also took a nasty hit when I was blue-balled by a woman because of my small penis. That’s when I decided to take TenGenix. After a month of taking TenGenix, my penis grew to 6 inches, and it was a lot thicker than before. I’m not sure if I can get any bigger, but I’m buying another batch of TenGenix to see what happens!

Jonathan Park - New York, NY











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