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In the online marketplace, it would be naïve to just take anyone for their word and trust the outcome. Smart customers need more than just fancy advertising and endorsements to get them to buy. That’s why TenGenix came prepared with a complete listing of everything customers need to make an informed buying decision.

TenGenix breaks away from the usual male enhancement mold that focuses on tricking customers to make them believe that their product is worth buying. Instead, TenGenix lays out the information about the pill and leave it to the customers to make their choice. The people behind TenGenix spent an ample amount of time and resources to get TenGenix to where it is today. With research and development, TenGenix was perfected and became the FIRST male enhancement supplement to have clinically-tested penis enlargement benefits. TenGenix is now poised to recapture the interest of the public and help establish credibility for the male enhancement supplement market.

TenGenix introduced an approach to formulation that has never been done by any other product in the market today. The idea is to create a balanced formula that creates an enhanced outcome. To make this happen, TenGenix focused on INGREDIENT BALANCE and SYNERGY.

TenGenix Ingredient Balance

A quick look at TenGenix’s ingredient profile and any seasoned supplement expert would notice that the ingredient profile is relatively common. TenGenix uses several ingredients that have been used by other male enhancement supplements before. However, no other supplement in the market today was able to reach the effectiveness of TenGenix – and that’s because of ingredient balance.

Researchers found out that the primary reason behind the failure of other products is the imbalance of active compounds in a formula. Certain brands tend to focus on libido or sexual endurance, but never a balance of both. Extremely high libido levels could lead to premature ejaculation, and too much focus on sexual endurance tend to desensitize the user to a point that the user no longer feels sexual pleasure and satisfaction. TenGenix solves this problem by creating a balance between ingredients so ingredients can reach peak effectiveness without having to sacrifice the other goals of the supplement. This way, TenGenix helps the user gain size, stamina, and sexual desire.

TenGenix Synergy

Experts who have studied the science behind TenGenix say that TenGenix has one of the most compelling scientific evidence to support its claim. With a relatively small dose, TenGenix can still reach peak effectiveness. Instead of compressing dozens of ingredients into a single dose, TenGenix focused on ingredient synergy – a careful selection of ingredients that are been found to amplify the effectiveness of the other ingredients in the formula.

To achieve this, TenGenix had to acquire the highest extract potency for each ingredient. Higher potency ratios mean that highly-potent ingredients with relatively low mass/ mg/dose ratio would be more effective than low potency, high mg/dose ratio. This allows TenGenix to have a higher dosing of each ingredient. TenGenix also has fast-acting and delayed-release ingredients to cater to the needs of the users.

Each ingredient is carefully selected to amplify another ingredient – if not all the ingredients in the formula. This way, the outcome of the formula as a whole is improved immensely.

To better understand the TenGenix concept, here’s a quick introduction on the types of ingredients that TenGenix has:

The ingredients of TenGenix could be grouped into 4 different types – PDE-5 inhibitors, Aphrodisiacs, Vasodilators, and Hormone regulation. Here’s how each type works-

PDE-5 inhibitors

PDE-5 inhibitors have been the answer of doctors for erectile dysfunction since the 90s. Drugs like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, are all PDE-5 inhibitors. The difference with TenGenix, is that it contains all-natural PDE-5 inhibitors with compounds derived from medicinal herbs. PDE-5 inhibitors work by preventing the degradation of cGMP by phosphodiesterase-5. TenGenix contains three different types of PDE-5 inhibitors. Two are fast-acting ingredients, to serve as alternatives for erectile dysfunction pills, and another with a delayed-release formula to keep the user ready for anything for the rest of the day. PDE-5 inhibitors work in conjunction with Vasodilators to improve the dilated effect on the arteries.


Vasodilators are ingredients that are meant to dilate blood vessels to allow more blood to flow to the penis. Increased blood volume and pressure are the keys to achieve penis enlargement, and that starts with vasodilation. TenGenix uses a bodybuilding ingredient called L-Arginine to serve as the precursor for nitric oxide (NO). NO combines with GMP to form cGMP, the ingredient that causes erections. PDE-5 inhibitors help intensify and preserve the effects of vasodilators in the body. However, the effect of vasodilators are not exclusive to the groin region; it needs testosterone boosters to focus the blood flow to the penis.

Libido boosters (aphrodisiacs)

Libido boosters work by increasing testosterone levels in the body. Increased testosterone levels would make the user more sensitive to sexual stimulus, which potentiates erections. Libido boosters also make the user feel more sexually charged and satisfied, which greatly improves the user’s sexual performance. Aphrodisiacs work in conjunction with vasodilators and PDE-5 inhibitors to focus the blood flow to the penis. This would increase not only the volume, but the pressure of blood that flows to the penis. With frequent erections (with the help of aphrodisiacs), users can achieve penis enlargement fast.

Hormone regulator

Excessive libido can lead to premature ejaculation. Experiencing an orgasm will steeply decrease a man’s libido. Hormone-regulating compounds included in TenGenix would optimize testosterone in the body, to prolong the effects of testosterone, and reduce the risk of having premature ejaculation. Hormone regulators also reduce the refractory period in men. The refractory period is the period of rest following an orgasm. It lasts longer as men age. With the help of hormone regulators in TenGenix, older men can bounce back much faster after experiencing an orgasm.

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