TenGenixOrder – FAQ

Do you have some questions about TenGenix? See the most common questions that we get from our customers!

What’s the recommended way to take TenGenix?

The best way to take TenGenix is by taking two pills every morning, on an empty stomach. This gives the pill enough time to be absorbed efficiently by the body. Taking pills in the morning makes it effective for the rest of the day. Additionally, users can take another pill of TenGenix about an hour before having sex to enhance hardness, sexual stamina, and libido.

Can I take TenGenix on an as-needed basis?

You can opt not to take TenGenix regularly and only take TenGenix whenever you want to have sex. Simply take two pills of TenGenix about 60 minutes before sex to improve erectile function, sexual stamina, and libido. However, taking TenGenix on an as-needed basis would make you miss out on TenGenix’s most impressive benefit, which is penis enlargement.

Are there any side effects?

TenGenix was formulated to be a balanced supplement. That’s why the risk of developing side effects are very slim. Each ingredient of TenGenix was selected for its effectiveness and safety. By having a balanced formula, the risk of side effects caused by each ingredient are significantly reduced.

Does TenGenix show up on a drug test?

No. TenGenix only contains natural ingredients which do not contain illegal substances. The ingredients of TenGenix will not convert, derive, or produce any by-product that will show up on a drug screen.

Can I take other supplements with TenGenix?

Sure. Go for it! TenGenix is safe to take with other supplements. You can take TenGenix with fat burners, bodybuilding supplements, protein shakes, multivitamins, nootropics, and pre-workout blends without having any problems.

How many pills are in a bottle of TenGenix?

A bottle of TenGenix contains 60 pills, or 30 servings (2 pills=1 serving).

How can I order TenGenix?

Simply visit to place your order. Just make sure that your name, billing details, and shipping address are all correct. You can process your order with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal Express. Express shipping for 2-day deliveries are also available. Make sure that you input your promo code when you process an order to avail of the discounted price.

Is TenGenix shipped discreetly?

You can count on it. We understand the sensitive nature of our product. That’s why we send our pills in unmarked, discreet packages to ensure your privacy.

Does TenGenix offer money-back guarantees?

Yes. TenGenix offers a 30-day money back guarantee for all customers. In the off chance TenGenix was unable to meet your expectations, you can contact our friendly customer care representatives and ask for a refund.

Does TenGenix ship outside of US/Canada/UK?

Currently, TenGenix only ships to US/Canada/UK. The number of territories may increase soon, but the distribution range of TenGenix is currently limited. However, the increasing popularity of TenGenix attracted local distributors in several countries. Check your local supplement store to see if they sell TenGenix. Additionally, TenGenix is available on for your convenience.











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