So what is Tengenix all about, you ask?

Tengenix is an all-in-one male enhancement victory pill

Tengenix is a hybrid of two male enhancement testaments: how can I increase the size of my penis AND increase my sex-drive and sexual performance? With this in mind, Tengenix went to work to discover what it would take to bring these two popular choices of male enhancement products into one single formula.

The outcome resulted in a combination of some of the most powerful male enhancement ingredients on earth, and together, they help form the first product of its kind: one that will enhance and increase every single aspect of a man’s sexual health.

You’ll see your penis get bigger and harder, you’ll see more sexual performance and energy, and your sex-drive will be instantly better.

Bottles of TenGenix

So where can you order Tengenix?

Order TenGenix

Your Tengenix Order is 100% safe and secure

When you order directly from the Tengenix website and place your Tengenix order, it’ll be through a secured-socket-layer protocol website, meaning that all of your credit card or debit card information is entirely secure and unable to be accessed by an outside force.

This means that there is a ZERO percent chance of anyone getting access to your information.

After your order is placed, it’ll take about a day or two for processing, and then finally 5-7 business days to allow for delivery. These times are often much shorter than they claim.

It ultimately depends on how efficient the post office is at delivering your package, but you’ll usually receive your package much sooner than the 5-7 business days estimate.

Tengenix acts as a vasodilator, which means that it allows more blood to flow to your sexual health system and penis, allowing for a considerable increase in penis size and sex-drive, as well as overall testosterone. The increase in testosterone offers one of the best and serious increases in sexual health.

It’s no secret that testosterone is the male building block. It effectively controls most aspects of a man that he sees most important, such as muscle development, mood, and yes, penis size and sexual health.

By regularly taking Tengenix, you’ll see an increase in all of these areas of your sexual health and overall health, and give your body the nutrients it needs to build a successful life in every way.

Blood Vessel Results of TenGenix


But what are the results?

What can you expect to see when you take Tengenix?

TenGenix Results Week by Week

After 4 weeks of usage, you’ll see massive increases in penis size and sexual health

By this point, you will have seen about 1.5 inches of penis growth and a considerably larger sex-drive to use your new penis. Your energy levels will be much improved, and you might not even need caffeine anymore at this point.

This is what men love most about being on Tengenix.

But after 10 weeks, you see the MAXIMUM benefits of Tengenix

In your Tengenix order, you should have at least 3 bottles ordered in order to see the best and most beneficial increases in sexual health. While 1 or 2 bottles will definitely give you a big boost in sexual health and penis size, you will see the most extreme results after around 10-12 weeks of continued usage. This is because the ingredients in Tengenix need time to get deep into your system so your body can get used to taking advantage of all of those extra nutrients that it has never gotten before.

After you see around 4 inches of penis growth, you’ll know exactly why we put some much emphasis on taking Tengenix every single day.

After you get your Tengenix order, how do you take it?

When you receive your Tengenix order, the bottles will have clear directions on the back of them to tell you how to use it. But to make things more clear, we’ll go over it in-depth here.

You should take 2 capsules every single morning on an EMPTY stomach.Why an empty stomach? This is to make sure that your body is able to quickly and efficiently break down the ingredients in Tengenix so you see maximum benefits.

TenGenix: Use Only As Directed

If you take this product on a full stomach, some of the nutrients will get lost in your stomach acid because they need to wait before other food is digested. This can affect your results slightly.

While you will still see plenty of results, it’s best to take it on an empty stomach.


Where do you order Tengenix?

The best place to do so is right on their main website.
Order TenGenix

What are the ingredients that make Tengenix work so well?

Tengenix contains a mix of the most potent herbs on earth for increasing the size of your penis and for increasing your sexual health. They include:

  • Tongkat ali – an extremely potent blood-flow increaser
  • Maca root – an all-natural aphrodisiac that allows you to see higher test levels and higher sex-drive
  • L-Arginine – a super effective amino acid that provide your body with an overall increase in blood-flow and male hormones
  • Muira Puama – Another herb that increase the flow of blood to the penis, giving you permanent increases in size
  • Tribulus Terrestris – this ancient herb allows you to see a huge boost in energy and stamina, allowing for better and longer sex

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